What Are The Best Shoes For a Diabetic?

If you have diabetes, there are a number of areas in life where it’s important to be cautious. One of these is with your footwear.

Below, you’ll learn why diabetics need special shoes, as well as what they should look for when trying to find the right shoes for them. We hope this helps you as you try and find the right footwear for you.

Why Do Diabetics Need Special Shoes?

Diabetics need to be especially careful of their feet because of the nerve damage that can result from this disease. Losing sensation in your feet can mean that you don’t notice the problems that pain is supposed to alert you to.

This can include simple things like a rock getting stuck in your shoe and continuing to cause problems because you don’t notice it, to something more severe like a broken bone. If these problems aren’t addressed in a timely fashion, they can cause ever-greater problems.

There are a number of different precautions you can take to help with this, including regularly checking your feet and washing them. However, you also want to find shoes that protect your feet.

What Should You Look For From Your Diabetic Shoes?

There are a few factors that can make a shoe good for people with diabetes. Generally, you’re going to want something made with a soft material that has a bit of give. You’re also going to want something with plenty of room in the toes, but also something that will protect them.

There are a number of different brands out there creating diabetic shoe in GA specifically for people with diabetes. If you’re unsure about the options available to you, it’s useful to get the opinion of a foot specialist, who understands how the problems facing a diabetic can impact their footwear choices.

High-Quality Diabetic Shoes – Sunnywell

Sunnywell is a group of board certified foot specialists who are committed to helping patients get the footwear they need. Years of education and training means we understand the various problems that people are likely to face when dealing with potential foot problems, and we’re prepared to create the footwear that can help mitigate these issues.

Do you have any questions about what we can do for you? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us now by filling out our contact form. We’re always happy to help people find the footwear that’s right for them.


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