“The service at Sunnywell was great. I was greeted with a smile. My feet were checked thoroughly with their Ortho Machines to produce Custom orthotic design specifically to help my problem. There were a few times during the process that I didn’t position my self correctly and Ms. Lee patiently got me to position myself correctly. The custom orthotic are wonderful, they have relieved my foot pain I wish I would have made this purchase years ago. I am very grateful. Thank you Sunnywell.”

Frank Lynn Suwanee, Georgia

“I been wearing diabetic shoes last 7 years. Every year I have received pairs of shoes and insert through other medical supplier. Unfortunately i never satisfied and  I can not wear them. Since  last year I start to order  through Sunnywell. I was provided with the best shoes and insole in my life. They are not just selling the products, they try hard to understand people’s needs and share their professional knowledge and educate the patient like me. I am sure I could not find better service than Sunnywell. I tell all my friends and family when you have a health issue go to Sunnywell. I love Sunnywell.”

Mrs. BS Oh Dekalb, Georgia

“I received excellent service and great compassion from Sunnywell Custom Orthotics. Certified Pedorthist, Mrs. Lee took the time out to educate me on the importance of proper orthotics in relation to my personal problems. My custom orthotics came in before they were scheduled and she made certain to follow up with me through the whole process. I recommend that everyone of all ages to at least schedule an appointment. The sooner you are aware of your problem the more likely it can be corrected.”

Michelle Sias Lawrenceville, GA

I have been a regular customer of Sunnywell, located at Shopping Mall in Duluth H-Mart 3 years since its opening I am a diabetic patient for more than 10 year and I usually live a busy life , so I am always walking fast. I lived with a lot of worries about what would happen to my feet if I had a lot of peeling on the soles of my feet  However, when Sunnywell entered H-Mart, the center of Atlanta Koreantown, in October 2017, I ordered some custom correction tools , attached them to my shoes, and when I walked and used treadmill in the gym, I was able to walk comfortably!  As a result, the posture of the body has corrected dramatically, I have been able to sleep well at night, and my overall health is much better. Compared to some of my friends my age, they say I look about 10 years younger than them! Last October, I also ordered shoes for diabetes through Medicare with Sunnywell, and I have been wearing them for almost a year. My feet feel very comfortable, so I don’t feel tired at all. When I sleep at night and wake up in the morning I feel very refreshed. Mrs. SunAe Lee, the president of SunnyWell , welcomes guests very kindly. Thanks to the meticulous measurement of the shoe size using a precise machine, it fits snugly on my feet and my feet aren’t swollen and I don’t have any pain. I am 120% satisfied with my patrons and shoes. Based on my experience, those with aching feet or those who are looking for good shoes, especially those with Medicare diabetes, have little or no co-payment. You only have to pay the minimum fee, so don’t hesitate to go visit SunnyWell Medical Supplies Located on the first floor below the corner pharmacy next to Jangsudol BedWe hope that you will find Sunny Well and restore a healthy life with the help of Sunae Lee.

Kwang Mo Suh Lawrenceville, GA